Everyday Active

To achieve glowing health your body and mind need to be active, balanced and nourished. Fitrution inspires vitality by supporting your physical movement and enhancing your mental clarity. By listening to what your body really needs you can achieve and maintain empowered health and harmony.

Fitrution believes that sports nutrition is not just for sports professionals. Everyone needs to refuel their body after exercise. Fitrution Prepare, protein powders and ready-to-drink supplements assist in building stamina, muscle health and core strength, resulting in an all-round enhanced performance.


Nourishing your body with healthy food and supplementation choices to maintain your ultimate wellbeing and fitness is the first step in achieving 360̊ health. Choose the right programme of physical nourishment and you will also nurture the mind. Creating the perfect balance between the two can be achieved through understanding the benefits of good sustenance and the rewards it brings.


Be inspired to lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life through achieving mental clarity, physical awareness and spiritual growth. Maintaining the optimum mental health enables your body to move to its natural rhythm. Stimulation and recreation are the perfect motivators to feed the mind, delivering clear thinking and giving power and purpose to life in general. The outcome is happiness. Simple but vital.


Training yourself to listen to and understand your body’s uniquely personal needs improves your health and vitality and empowers you to make the right lifestyle choices. Wellbeing is aligned through the delicate balance of clarity of mind and physical energy. Combined with well-informed nutritional support to enhance performance, an optimum state of health can be achieved.


An active lifestyle benefits general fitness in many ways. Everyone can improve their core stability helping improve their strength and flexibility, which in turn promotes bone and muscle health. Such qualities can improve quality of life whatever your age or physical ability. Cognitive energy is the driving force behind all physical movement and advancement. Fluid movement helps to regulate your body’s natural rhythm allowing your body and mind to work in true harmony.